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Jordan Mclean: Home

Greetings Fellow Earth Travelers!

Jordan McLean here. This is my personal and often times behind the times website, a casual record of activities.

For the most current overview of my work, please visit

Follow us on Twitter @systemdialing & you can email me directly at

The BAND Fire Of Space's CD, HANDBASKET, is available upon request. The group itself is currently in hibernation awaiting the opportunity to re-ignite, after being featured in the motion picture "Sleepwalk With Me"!

Please go to the links page to hear sounds of DIRECTORS The Sway Machinery and Antibalas, three groups whose work I am very proud to be an integral part of...

Stay positive and maintain your visions for a beautiful omnipresent.



Fire of Space is an arouser, a kindler, but also an exploder and a burner of useless refuse.

Sound Chemistry Records is now System Dialing Records - August 9, 2013

Not ones to let the US Patent and Trademark Office get us down, my new label with the amazing Amir Ziv has a new life!

Iron and Wine - May 8, 2013

Hi All!
Writing from Portland, OR as we prepare to lift spirits and touch hearts across America and Europe.
Look out for me with Iron and Wine throughout the rest of 2013!

ANTIBALAS WORLD TOUR - October 19, 2012

In support of our new record, ANTIBALAS on Daptone Records, Antibalas has just wrapped up 6 weeks around the U.S.
We head to Europe, the west coast of North America and Australia between now and the spring, so look out for us!
Also be on the look-out for a weekly NYC show starting this winter!!!
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